How does the body produce testosterone

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I also have a fatty liver. I have a fairly normal diet, with lots of fresh fruit & veg and drink about 2 litres of water a day. My alcohol intake is almost non existent and I am a non smoker. I am 157cm. and weigh 116kg (which has been quite rapid) – I have a moderate exercise regime. My Dr. tells me that I am high end stage of the disease. Since being treated for Breast Cancer in 2001, I now have a non functional thyroid gland, for which I am on medication and also on Cholesterol medication as well. Except for the weight gain I am keeping well. I am 55 yrs of age. My question is would I benefit from following the fatty liver diet/liver cleansing program? What other foods should I add/delete from my diet?.

Hey, i’m not a physician or a researcher but i think i know something about exercise and weight loss. First, getting outside and away from the refrigerator is a plus. There are fewer opportunities to commit the crime. Second, somehow the sweating and heavy breathing etc. lessens the appetite. After an hour-plus try at running, walking or bike riding, the last thing I want is a juicy Big Mac. or a Big Gulp of cola. Water does the trick. Third, and probably most important, the time away allows the brain to clear the fog of doubt. There’s a feeling of control. There’s adventure out there. Still, I could lose 15 pounds. I have to cut this short and get outside.

How does the body produce testosterone

how does the body produce testosterone


how does the body produce testosteronehow does the body produce testosteronehow does the body produce testosteronehow does the body produce testosteronehow does the body produce testosterone